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ENG: Kovalivska str. 16, Pokrovka village of Ochakiv district, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine

Attention! Boats, water rockets, as well as a passenger all-terrain vehicle on the Kinburn Spit do not operate regularly. During the summer season, they work according to a schedule that can vary, 2-3 times a day. Navigation through the Dnieper-Bug estuary may be limited due to weather reasons. When planning your vacation, we recommend taking into account the difficulties of the transfer.

Transfer: Nikolaev-Kinburn spit (land route):

Public transport: Bus, departure from the Central Bus Station in Nikolaev. Travel time is 4-5 hours.

Own transport (land route):

Nikolaev – s. Pokrovka (Kovalevka village), Ochakovsky district. Intermediate settlements: Kherson, Oleshki, Golaya pier, old Zburyevka, Geroisk. Further about 25 km along sandy roads and off-road. Due to the extremely difficult road conditions, we do NOT recommend the use of conventional passenger cars on sandy roads. We recommend the use of off-road vehicles (4×4, high ground clearance).

We do NOT recommend driving on the Kinburn Spit on your own without knowing the local sand road network.

Do not forget to take tools for pulling the machine out of the sand (shovels, boards, etc.)

Be especially careful when entering water bodies, even small ones, they can be very deep and have a sticky bottom.

Do not go to the beaches by car – apart from the fact that it creates discomfort for vacationers, it is very risky due to the strong viscosity of the sand.

Nikolaev-Ochakov-Kinburnskaya spit (waterway):

Private or public transport:


Route taxi Nikolaev (central bus station) – Ochakov (bus station). Then take a taxi to the forestry pier (boats Gorich, Sobol) or berth No. 333.

Own transport Nikolaev-Ochakov. Car parking at a paid guarded parking lot at the forestry pier (boats Gorich, Sobol) or berth No. 333.

(i) Boats from the forestry pier in the direction of the village. Pokrovka (Kovalevka). At the pier you will be met by a passenger all-terrain vehicle, which will take you to the estate.

(ii) Boat from berth No. 333 in the direction of Rymba settlement. Attention ! From this pier, only an individual transfer is possible.

An individual transfer by speed boat from the forestry pier is possible.

Travel time is 2.5-4 hours.


Rocket “Nibulon” Nikolaev (river port) -Kinburn spit. At the pier you will be met by a passenger all-terrain vehicle, which will take you to the estate. Attention! The number of seats is strictly limited, advance booking by phone of the carrier company “Nibulon”.


There are no pharmacies and quality medical care points on the Kinburn Spit. We recommend that you take your prescribed medicines with you.

In case of emergencies (insect bites, animals, injuries, etc.), outside help can be difficult due to the remoteness from large settlements and the difficulty of travel.