Policies and rules

Dear friends!

GoGreen Policy

Environmental protection and care are important for Alderwood. The resources on the Kinburn Spit are significantly limited by the distance from the mainland and the lack of stable communications, and the balance between nature and human activity is extremely fragile here.

We have implemented a number of policies and procedures to help us do our part to protect the small world in which we live. We would really like you to adhere to them as well:

  • Carefully protect trees and vegetation located both on the territory of the estate and around it, do not tear medicinal herbs by the roots, this will deprive the plant of the opportunity to reproduce.
  • Be especially careful with fire, as a forest fire can destroy all life on the Kinburn Spit in a matter of hours.
  • Do not frighten or kill birds, animals and rare insects – they are protected by law. Stay away from nesting sites, as there is a possibility that after the intervention, the birds will no longer return, or the smell left after you will lead to the predator’s nest. Remember that many of the native birds are critically endangered.
  • Do not throw garbage on the territory and, especially, outside its aisles, since there are no utilities on the Kinburn Spit.
  • We encourage all of our staff and guests to reduce their water consumption, and to turn off lights, air conditioners and all other electrical appliances when not in use and when guests are leaving the room. For heating water, we recommend giving preference to solar energy.
  • We are looking for ways to reduce waste, using sustainable materials where possible, including energy-saving lamps and non-hazardous chemicals. When planning your vacation, take a few minutes to think about ways to reduce the waste left on the Kinburn Spit (for example, you can use reusable bags instead of disposable bags for packing).
  • Towels and beds used in the rooms are changed at the request of the guests, which reduces the consumption of water, electricity and detergents, helping to reduce the harm done to the environment.
  • We have a separate waste policy and ask our guests to sort organic and inorganic waste: metal, plastic, glass, paper, organic or hazardous waste.
  • We invite all our guests and visitors to use a container for the safe disposal of batteries.

We want to thank all our guests in advance for their support in this endeavor. We ask you to be a friend of the environment and support us in protecting natural beauty and maintaining cleanliness on the Kinburn Spit.

RespectPeace Policy

Alderwood is a place where we want to create a refuge for our guests from city noise and discomfort. We ask you to adhere to the following rules:

  • Using a multicooker in the room is strictly prohibited!
  • Quiet hour from 23:00 to 10:00, as well as from 13:00 to 16:00
  • Holding group events that may be accompanied by noise or discomfort for other guests (weddings, birthdays and other events) – by agreement
  • Conducting sports events on the territory – by agreement
  • Loud music, except for the area of ​​the sea bar MIST – by agreement
  • Unauthorized visits – by agreement
  • Parking for personal vehicles – by agreement
  • Smoking in the rooms is not allowed

We wish you a pleasant stay at the Olkhovaya Roscha family estate!