About Alderwood estate

988563_1594956347443812_3850047581017644732_nThe family estate “Alderwood” on the Kinburnskaya Spit is a quiet, cozy place for secluded relaxation, in an ecologically clean environment, in harmony with nature. The estate consists of three complexes: the old cottage “The Plover and the Sea”, the modern “Borisfenida” (with a restaurant area) and “Gileya”. We have a large territory and only a few rooms so that you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the people.
We are located in one of the most picturesque places in Ukraine, on the Spit of Kinburn, in the national park “Beloberezhye Svyatoslava”, in the village Kovalevka, Ochakovsky district, 200 km. from the city of Nikolaev. This is a place of amazing history, lost ancient Greek temples, hidden treasures of ancient Russian princes, Cossack gulls, Chumak carts, battles of the Ottoman, Russian and British empires.
The unique microclimate, clean air, the proximity of the sandy beach of the Black Sea, pine forest and a large territory of the estate, all this is “Alderwood estate”.
Our pride is our own relict alder grove, which dates back to ancient times, as well as an amazingly beautiful salt lake with many rare birds. Nearby there is an orchid field of amazing beauty, which is considered the largest in Ukraine.
The national park is one of the most important migration sites for birds (including rare and listed in the Red Book) and a paradise for bird watchers. We proudly host scientific expeditions and support bird watching and ecological programs and societies.
Our logo – the robin bird, which lives in an alder grove and has amazing singing – symbolizes the purity and harmony of the area.