History of the Plover and Sea cottage

The history of our house began many years ago, namely in 1988, when a picturesque land plot with an old house built in 1904 was bought, immersed in greenery. Currently, the estate is owned by Vladimir and Svetlana Shibko. Vladimir is an honored resident of Nikolaev, is engaged in the construction business. Svetlana manages the estate and provides comfort for our guests.

Former owner, Glushko Kondraty Ivanovich, participant of the Civil War, holder of 2 St. George’s gold crosses, respected person in the village Pokrovka. The villagers knew him as a man with golden hands, a noble artisan, a good owner and a skilled fisherman.

Kondraty Ivanovich and his wife Fekla Leontyevna had six children, which speaks of the positive atmosphere of our home, which is saturated with cordiality, children’s laughter and love. The son of the former owners, Alexander Kondratyevich Glushko, is a talented writer, journalist, editor-in-chief of the “Vitchizna” magazine, and an honored journalist of Ukraine. Among his awards: the Order of Merit, III degree, the Order of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir, the Golden Pen journalism award, the V. Olesya Gonchara (for short stories, 1994), Republican Prize for the best novel in 1999 named after V.I. A. Golovko (1999).

From the moment of purchase, we have been building, improving, modernizing, striving to create a comfortable and cozy place for your relaxation among the wild nature of the Kinburn Spit.

Pictures of the previous owners of the house.