Jour fixe

“Near samovar, me and my Masha”person_03_Utesov_pic2

What does an Odessa resident need on a pleasant summer evening after a hot day? Of course, the company of his beloved woman, a hot samovar on cones, inflated with the boot of General Rokossovsky and the songs of Leonid Utesov!

Every Thursday at 19:00 – samovar on cones, Kinburn herbal tea, bagels and Utesov’s songs in assortment.

Enjoy your tea!


“Glory to the Olympian Gods!”

Kinburn is full of ancient secrets! The Greek temple of Achilles is lost on the local islands; the Olbians also worshiped Apollo Delphinius in these places. His beautiful creations – dolphins still chase mullets on the coast of the peninsula, and dolphin coins are scattered in the depths of the sea. Let’s praise the Olympians!

Every Tuesday at 19:00 a glass of fine wine with ice from the local Bacchus!